What You Can Expect

Harmonic Crystal Healing is a complete energy healing course. In this holistic course you will learn how to clear energy, how to identify blocked chakras, and how to use crystals, herb and oils for a full healing experience. You will also receive a monthly Harmonic Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath.

  • Live Class sessions via Zoom. All course content is available in a private platform. This includes a spam free & add free community!

  • Informative, direct, & short pre-recorded videos & tutorials.

  • Monthly Harmonic Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

  • Monthy group reading!

  • Learn how to properly clear & reclaim your energy. As well as how to hold sacred space for others.

  • Learn to heal with crystals. We will cover over 40 crystals and how they assist in balancing our mind, body, emotions, & spirit.

  • Learn to work with Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Animals, Gods and Goddesses.

  • Learn how to balance over 11 Chakras and how to maintain a healthy energetic, emotional, and spiritual body.

  • Learn to use a crystal pendulum for balancing chakras, communicating with your spirit team and in use with charts.

  • Crystal grid creation AND SO MUCH MORE!

Bonus Material

In addition to the extensive healing curriculum, live videos, pre recorded demos, 10% discount on live crystal sales online sales, and monthly group reading, we added more value to your course!

  • Harmonic Crystal Sound Bath

    $125 value

    You will implement the tools and knowledge learned in the course while I provide you with a live and relaxing Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath. Our Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls are made of pure quartz and blended with gems, minerals, metals and sacred geometry. Sound Healing t was used in Egypt and by wise indigenous healers of many cultures to shift vibration and to elevate the mind to higher states of consciousness. It was also used to clear the chakras of blocks and to bring balance to the physical body. Other benefits of sound healing include: •Releases trapped emotions, traumas, and imbalances within the emotional, spiritual, and physical body. •It clears and balances the chakras. •Sound healing provides a relaxing experience while harmonizing the entire body, mind & spirit. •It enhances your spiritual awareness and fine tunes your natural spiritual gifts. •sound healing may awaken dormant spiritual DNA. •Sound healing has zero side effects. •Sound healing can clear a space of dense energies and raise the vibration of the space. •Sound healing raises your frequency allowing you to live a more harmonious life.

  • High Quality Harmonic Crystal Kit

    $118 value

    Each month (except for Sacred Clearing) there will be an optional kit providing you with everything you need for that month. This kit will include crystals, a soy candle, 1 herb or resin, 1 oil blend or essential oil. The beautiful kit will be offered for a flat rate price of $88.00 for members within the USA. $99.99 for our Canadian members. Your beautiful kit will automatically be shipped to you every month!

  • Private Classroom & Community

    $79.00 value

    All of the course's content will be organized and accessible to you in a private platform. You will have access to beautiful PDF's, Videos, Zoom Lives, and even a private community with zero spam, adds, or tracking.

You have options when joining Harmonic Crystal Healing!

Option 1: Sign up for the course and the sound healing. Option 2: Sign up for the course plus, sound healing and for the monthly kit. All prices include tax and shipping if you opt in for the kit.


  • Is Harmonic Crystal Healing a monthly membership and when does it end?

    Harmonic Crystal Healing is a monthly paid membership. Your membership fee will be automatically processed every month from your account. The membership course starts December 13, 2021 and finishes December 2022.

  • Is there a commitment contract to join?

    There is no contract! I hope you absolutely love the course and decide to stay but, if you don't you may cancel at anytime. All I ask is that you write a letter of cancelation 1 week before the next month starts. I will always wish you love and happiness!

  • Will there be live or prerecorded classes? Can they be downloaded?

    There will be both live and pre-recorded classes each month. December 2021 classes will have the most pre-recorded videos as it contains many tutorials. This will make the information easier to visually understand. All live classes will be held via zoom. You can download all videos.

  • Are the kits mandatory? What's in them? If I don't sign up for the automatic kit option can I buy them separately ?

    The monthly kits are 100% optional. Most of my students enjoy not having to gather or purchase the materials on their own. So we provide a beautiful kit or you! Each kit is different and will contain what you will be learning for that month. Most kits will include high quality and ethically sourced: crystals, herbs, essential oils or blends and candles. You have the option to having them automatically shipped to you or to purchase them separately as you learn at our shop: www.incantations.co By choosing the monthly subscription, you are guaranteed a kit. We cannot guarantee that there will be enough kits available in the website for everyone.

  • Can my partner, child, or loved one participate with me?

    YES! 100% YES! If your partner, child, parent, sibling wishes to participate and they LIVE in the SAME HOUSEHOLD they may join us at NO EXTRA CHARGE! They must use the same log in and account as you! I love when we can grow spiritually together. It makes a significant difference in the home.


Karina Del Pezo, ACM

Hello! I'm Karina Del Pezo the founder of Terra Nova crystals. I am a multi Certified Advanced Crystal Master. I weave together many modalities and my passion for crystals to create unique healing experiences and certified energy courses for my community. Some of my certified modalities include: Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Records Practitioner, Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner, Integrative Sound Healer, Practical Numerologist, and Tarot Advisor. My greatest joy in life is helping others to activate their unique magic. I live in sunny Florida with my beautiful children, husband and our pets. We work together in raising cosmic vibration though Terra Nova Crystals.